"A Bereaved Father" is my first published book. It tells the story of my own experiences as a bereaved father, while giving other parents the opportunity to identify similarities with their own experiences, and find some solace in knowing that they are not going crazy, they are not abnormal, and they are not alone.

Sometimes the inspiration hits me to write a story or a poem. So I sit myself down, a couple of hours later... well the results are here for you to read.

The Mouse in the Mirror - [Short Story]
A short strory about a mouse and his adventures in a dark and lonely mansion.

The Search - [Poem]
A dark and mysterious tale.

A collection of poems written for my wife Sonia before and during our marriage:
For Once In My Life... - [Poem]
God Gave Me... - [Poem]
Just Because... - [Poem]
Questions... - [Poem]
Well... - [Poem]
Something... - [Poem]
I wanted to... - [Poem]
13 Years - [Poem]

Other poems:
My Little Flower - Jasmine - [Poem]
Poem for Sophie - [Poem]

Steve Younis