13 Years

[For Sonia, on our 13th wedding anniversary.]

Thirteen's supposed to be unlucky for some,
But we know Lady Luck's a fickle old one.

Who needs "Luck" when we've got "Love" instead,
A love that consumes us - from toe to head.

Love that's been tested and tried to no end,
Battered and bruised, yet grew stronger, and then...

Bruised and Battered and shaken once more,
Again and again... but we've withstood it all.

Our love not only lived to survive,
It increased and flourished and blossomed and thrived.

Let Lady Luck throw at us whatever she must,
When all's said and done, and they've cleared all the dust...

Our love will still be burning hot,
We'll look Lady Luck in the eye and say, "Is that all you've got?"

Copyright © July 23, 2007 by Steven Younis.