God gave me...

[Dedicated to Sonia!]

God gave me eyes,
so that I could see your face,
and your beautiful smile.

God gave me ears,
to hear your laughter,
and your words of love,
to listen to your troubles and fears.

God gave me a voice,
to sing you songs,
to whisper in your ear,
to call your name.

God gave me hands,
so that I could touch your face,
hold your hands,
and wipe away your tears.

God gave me arms,
so that I could hold you close.

God gave me shoulders,
so that you would have a place to rest your head.

God gave me a heart,
built to give you everlasting love.

God gave me life,
so that I could live it for you and with you.

Copyright © July 16, 1993 by Steven Younis.