I wanted to...

[Dedicated to Sonia!]

I wanted to write a poem
where I apoligise;
A poem I could read out loud,
and stare into your eyes.

I wanted to write a verse or two,
where all would be explained;
Instead I found the truth too clear -
I'm the one to blame.

I wanted to write a few nice words,
And make them sweetly rhyme;
Instead I found that guilt and shame,
and sadness filled my mind.

I wanted to put my pen to paper,
And make everything okay;
But I realised my ink was blue,
I too felt that way.

But most of all I wanted you,
to hold you oh so tight;
As I lay wide awake in bed,
in the middle of the night.

But you lay miles away from me,
in body and in mind;
I pray when morning comes I'll find,
your love will still be mine.

Copyright © 1994 by Steven Younis.