Besides being a Graphic Designer/Web Designer, I also sing, play the guitar and write my own songs. Below is a list of sound files of some of my songs (some are rough recordings, others more polished):

  • Can You Feel It? (4.2mb MP3) [3 mins 41 secs]

  • Fade Away (4.6mb MP3) [3 mins 58 secs]

  • I'm Not Scared (3.9mb MP3) [3 mins 23 secs]

  • Nobody Knows Who I Am (3mb MP3) [2 mins 35 secs]

  • Sonia's Lament (2.9mb MP3) [2 mins 30 secs]

  • Suddenly (4.5mb MP3) [3 mins 53 secs]

  • Why? (RealAudio) [3 mins 1 sec]
    <A HREF="">[Play Real Audio]</A>
  • The Situation (RealAudio) [3 mins 25 secs]
    <A HREF="">[Play Real Audio]</A>
  • You Are... (RealAudio) [3 mins 29 secs]
    <A HREF="">[Play Real Audio]</A>
I'd be interested in your opinion of my songs, so email me if you have any comments to make. Please be nice! :)

Steve Younis