[Dedicated to Sonia!]

Something wet upon your cheeks,
I think they might be tears;
I wonder why it is you weep,
What is it that you fear.

Something black upon your soul,
Darkness all scrunched up;
How it seems to take its toll,
The weight it all adds up.

Something sad within your eyes,
That once out-shined the stars;
Now around them weary lines,
Embedded there like scars.

Something stole away your smile,
I wonder where it's gone;
It used to be there all the while,
I worry what went wrong.

Something did all this to you,
I wonder what could it be;
I think I know let me tell you,
I think that "Something" is me.

Something here within my heart,
Something strong and true;
Something that says we'll never part,
That "Something" is my love for you.

Copyright © November 11, 1994 by Steven Younis.