[Dedicated to Sonia!]

Sometimes I speak before I think,
And that's a big mistake;
Sometimes my brain goes on the blink,
My head I need to shake.

Rocks and Dust and Cobwebs too,
All stuffed inside my brain;
Dank and Musty with Mildew,
Oh how can I explain.

There's no excuse for stupidness,
I'm guilty through and through;
Forgetfulness and laziness,
You can pin those on me too.

I know myself - I have my faults,
I have my good points too;
And if you can read my thoughts,
One of those points is you!

I guess I'm saying that I'm sorry,
I feel so very rotten;
And if I've caused you any worry,
You may spank me on the ______!

Copyright © April 14, 1994 by Steven Younis.