[Dedicated to Sonia!]

If they ask me: "Who do you love?"
I'd answer with your name.
"And to be without her love?"
I'd surely go insane.

"Just how long can this thing go on?"
'til the end of time.
"And tell us what if you are wrong?"
I'm not, I know she's mine.

"Well and good, but are you hers?"
Forever and a day.
"Things are good, but could get worse!"
I'd love her anyway.

"But what if she were not so near?"
I'd travel far and wide.
"And what if she just disappeared?"
Impossible - she'll always be by my side.

"And if we said she loved another man?"
I'd know that it's not true.
"How can you be sure, we don't understand?"
Because she told me, "I love only you!"

Copyright © July 1993 by Steven Younis.